What's your favourite technological device? Why?
First of all, I would like to say that technological devices are considered as extremely useful or even necessary in present-day society. That's why, most people use at least one of them, once a day.
My favourite technological device is my laptop because I can use it to do a great amount of things such as connecting to the internet to talk to my friends who live abroad, watching a film, having a good time making use of the most popular social networks known as Facebook or Twitter, and from my point of view, my laptop offers me the opportunity to find the job of my dreams. Thus, people can discover a variety of tools and webs where you can find what you have been looking for a long time.
On the other hand, it can be considered that computers could also have a negative effect in society since in my opinión, they are provoking that social relationships among human beings are nowadays changing, due to the fact that people do not interact with others properly and face-to-face meetings are not so common.
To sum up, technological devices are improving our lives but we must also be worried about the direct interaction among us.

 Describe your ideal husband, wife or partner (marido, mujer o compañer@ sentimental)
In the first place, I would like to state that from my point of view, the ideal couple do not exist. Simply what we have to do is accepting him or her with their virtues and their faults.
Neverthelless, I have got my preferences very clear and from now on, I am going to talk deeply about them. Firstly, my ideal husband would be someone who makes me laugh very often. Moreover, he should also be positive, funny and optimistic. In ither words, he should make my life easier. Other important qualities would be
his generosity and honesty with the people around him.
Taking into consideration his physical appearance, my ideal husband should be tall and Slim. In addition to this, he ought to have short dark hair. Also, I don't like neither beards or moustaches. Having said all this, I would like to add that his physical appearance is not as important for me, as his feelings and personality.
To sum up, I would mention that we cannot look for a prince or a princess but someone who makes our life something better                          


The day we met.
1. He worked growing plants and seeds without earning any money
2. He liked her personality very much and also the way he looked at him
3. They got in touch writing letters
4. TRUE That summer was beautiful and the rain hardly apperared (line 4)
5. TRUE. We think we have been very fortunate (line 14)
6. shy
7. about
8. set up
9. proposal
10. I started learning English thirty years ago
11. The ministry of Farming organised the agricultural camps excellently
12. I am looking forward to seeing you
13. If she hadn't written to me, I woldn't have known about her.


Please, revise the family members and th us of the possessive 's